Stay With Me: Making of the Music Video

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The Old Abandoned House

When my girlfriend Kelly and I set out to go hiking in the hills of Broken Bow, OK, we didn’t know we were going to film an entire music video. But we did bring along a camera so that I could get a few shots of the beautiful outdoors. Especially this time of year, the thin sprawling trees and dense foliage make for a picturesque, almost otherworldly landscape.

While moving through the woods, we happened upon an old abandoned house. We both agreed that we had to film something here because it was so cool looking. The house was falling apart, but had an interesting vibe. All I could keep thinking was that someone had a life in the house at one point, and I wondered who they were and why they left.

Lets Film!

The abandoned house reminded me of a song called “Stay With Me” that I had written a few months ago while we were all in quarantine. It occurred to me that this would be the perfect location to film its music video.

Kelly had never filmed a music video before, so I gave her a quick crash course on how to operate the camera and she was a natural. Daylight was about to run out, but we happened to catch what creatives call “the golden hour.” This is the time of day when the sun is in the right spot for nearly perfect lighting and cinematic sun flares.

Final Touches

Kelly filmed me and later the next day, we returned to the house and I filmed her scenes. We were able to get a few extra shots while on the road walking back home. I wanted it to look as if we were on another planet or in some dystopian future. So after editing the footage and adding some custom visual effects that I created, I felt that the environment I wanted was achieved and the video was complete. It all came together fast, within a couple of days.

Filming this video was a really fun experience and I highly encourage you to visit Broken Bow sometime. It’s a beautiful small town.

Haven’t seen the full music video yet? You can watch it below.

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