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Be In Morgan Ganem’s Music Video!

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Watch the video above to find out how to be in Morgan’s music video!

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We’re shooting a music video for my new song called ‘Run’ and I want you to be in it.Morgan Ganem

Have you ever wanted to be in a music video? Here’s your opportunity. Morgan Ganem’s label GX2 Records is shooting a music video for his new song “Run” and Morgan wants you to be in it! This is the plan, you post your short 5 second video, we find it and add it to Morgan’s music video! The goal is to spread the love and you can be part of the movement. Please post your videos by July 20th!

Here’s All You Have To Do:

1. Take a short 5 second video of you holding a sign that says “You are my reason”

2. Put the hashtag #MyRunVideo on your post (How to hashtag on facebook or hashtag on twitter)

3. Post your video to your Facebook or Twitter account


You can sign up for Morgan’s mailing list below, to be the first to find out when the music video is coming out!

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