Morgan Ganem cuts off dreadlocks for ‘Mahomies’ and donates music proceeds to Patrick Mahomes Foundation

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Morgan Ganem, recording artist and composer of the famed KC Chiefs stadium anthem “Chop It Up,” has finally decided to chop them off… Morgan said “It’s been eight years since I started growing my dreads. It’s been an amazing journey but change is good. I told my friends if the Chiefs go to the Super Bowl I’m cutting my dreads off, so here we are!”

Morgan’s anthem has been played in Arrow Head Stadium for years. In 2009 the Chiefs invited him onto the sideline to see their mascot horse named Warpaint ride out onto the field while his song played over the loud speakers in front of 76,000 screaming fans.

Ganem on the field at Arrowhead Stadium with the Kansas City Chiefs Director of Production, Jodain Massad 2009

“My whole goal is to get your attention so that we can raise money for a great charity.”

As we all know, a new hairstyle is exciting but there is a deeper reason for all of this. When asked about why he decided to cut his dreads off, Ganem said “It’s shocking when someone does something so drastic! My whole goal is to get your attention so that we can raise money for a great charity.”

Morgan announced today that a portion of the future proceeds made from sales of his song “Chop It Up” will go to 15 and the Mahomies Foundation. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes started the foundation which is dedicated to improving the lives of children by supporting initiatives that focus on health, wellness, and communities in need of resources. Click here to donate directly to 15 and the Mahomies Foundation.

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