6 Secrets To Playing an Awesome New Years Eve DJ Set

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Did you score one of the best gigs of the year, New Years Eve? That’s great! Not only do NYE shows normally pay very well but they are fun too! It’s a great opportunity for you to bring your A game and show the crowd what you’ve got!
Listed below are 6 secrets that every DJ can use to play a great set on New Years Eve.

1. Play The Biggest Records of the Year

Unless you’re playing at a music festival this is not the time to play songs that no one knows yet. You should drop the biggest songs of the year. Does that mean no remixes? Absolutely not, feel free to throw some remixes into the mix if it seems like the crowd would like them. In some rare cases, once the crowd is on your side, you might try out a new original song that you produced if it fits the mood. But generally try to stick with the undeniable hits.

2. Don’t Save All Your Bangers For The End of Your Set

The promoter who hired you for the event will probably want you to play until around 2am. But a lot of times party goers want to hop over to a house party after midnight. Don’t be discouraged if this happens, just play a lot of your most bangin tunes around eleven to midnight. Don’t save all the gold for later in your set when there is a chance that people will start leaving a bit early.

3. Play Songs That Remind People of New Years

Find records that have the theme of “time” or “counting down.” Anything that will get people excited to ring in the new year. I’m performing at an 80’s themed NYE party this year and you can bet I’ll be playing “The Final Countdown” by Europe when the moment is right!

Click to check out the “Not Another 80’s New Years Eve Party” that I’m playing at in Tulsa!

4. Make Sure That The Actual Countdown To The New Year Is Epic

I always like to custom design things like this. For instance, you could find a acapella vocal of an MC counting down from 10. Putting together a cool visual (if you have video screens to support your set) is a great idea. Match the audio with a video of a clock ticking the seconds down visually. Some added video with fireworks would also be a nice touch for when the clock strikes midnight. If you have production abilities, this is a good time to show them off. If that’s not something you can do, head over to YouTube and see if you can find some license free content to download.

5. Bring Backup Gear In Case of an Emergency

It’s the best feeling in the world when you play a flawless set and the crowd has an amazing time. In contrast, it’s the worst feeling when something unexpectedly goes wrong and you aren’t prepared. Be sure to always have a backup plan. For example, bring extra gear if your CDJs decide to take a leap off the proverbial cliff. It could even be as simple as packing an aux cable to plug your phone in and play a mix from your iTunes library. Little things like that can buy you some precious time and keep you from losing the crowd!

6. Be Sure To Interact With The Crowd

This isn’t really a secret but I always try to remind DJs who are new to the scene that you should interact with the crowd. Especially at a NYE show. Grab the mic and get the people jumping. This is definitely a gig where everyone comes to party. So make sure to technically mix a great set but also have fun while you’re doing it. Remember, you are the king (or queen) of the party and people feed off of your energy. If you’re having a good time, they will too ??

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