5 Ways To Discover Your Unique Gift

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I’ve had people tell me that my music has inspired them and that it’s helped them keep moving forward during tough times. There have even been people who have had terminal illnesses who said that I helped to give them a reason to live. That is very inspiring to me. I’ve learned that finding out what you are most passionate about is a great way to expose your gift and live inspired.

Here are 5 ways to discover your gift and harness it:

#1 Know That You Deserve To Be Happy

First and foremost, you are valuable, you are needed and you deserve to be happy. Don’t allow anyone else around you to talk you in to believing otherwise. I believe that everyone, including you, was born with a gift and a specific purpose. Maybe you don’t feel like you’ve been able to fully understand and harness your gift. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late and the time is now.

#2 Realize That You Never Have To Work A Day In Your Life

More than likely at some point in your life your gift or purpose was right before your eyes, in fact that point may have been yesterday. It’s also likely that the thing you are naturally good at is the thing that you love the most and you can make living doing it. For instance, music was my passion to begin with, I loved listening to it. Eventually I began to dive deeper into that passion and started writing. Now music is not only my passion but it’s my career too. It’s just like the old saying “If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.”

#3 Ask Your Friends And Family

The ones around you who you trust may know you better than you realize. Ask your close friends and family what they feel you are good at, their knowledge can be a very valuable resource. It could even be that you love to take care of your children, maybe you should be in a field that deals in child care or human services. You may not see it yourself, so ask around.

#4 Try My Dads Secret

Still unsure what your true gift actually is? Years ago my dad told me a secret. He said to write down a list of things that you love and next to it make a list of things that you are good at. Then connect the one thing in the “Love” column  that you have the most passion for with the one thing in the “Good At” column that you are skilled at. Now find an occupation that involves both things and there you have it. You will likely be happy doing what you love and not feeling like you have to go do a job everyday.

#5 Think About How You Can Help Others

Once you understand what your gift is and what you are passionate about, ask yourself “how can I use my talents to help others?” When you do this you automatically surpass your own ego and reach another level of spirit. When you do things to benefit others you will feel more fulfilled in your accomplishments. It’s easy to get caught up in ourselves these days, try thinking of ways you can help other people with your gift.

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